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Quote from Team Renegade: "Saving the world... From Peace~" On an island far out into the sea, there exists a house... A house in which a group of furrys lives... On this house, there exists many an adventure, may it range from Zombies, to Noobs, to Magical TVs. This island is forever known, as SAZ Island.

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Posted by AnnaBonana
November 28th, 2008, 4:15 pm
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11/28/08we need a description and we have to stop using this for news ;-; [[also neo's post is already in the news.]] Goals for the week: make a description and continue the plot. we can pull it off. good luck xD [[ps. if im not here after december 3 its because of my report card .3. k baii]] ~ Anna

also. birthday page got updated. i stole the birthdays off the z-fish calender so if its inccorrect thats your fault for putting a fake birthday ;-; ~anna

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Posted by Neociz
November 16th, 2008, 10:45 pm
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11/15/08 - Neo here, the SAZian Comic profile is now consitered under construction, I shall be tinkering with it from now until Everyone likes it. :3
So, enjoy the new feathures coming soon!


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Saz flash....

Posted by RoboRipp
March 30th, 2008, 6:15 am
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Okay guys... here's a little something.

I've been bored lately, so I want to make a flash for Saz. Yeah I know I have other stuff to do, I'll do it later.

But If you wanna be in it, send your sprites. I really don't want you to use to characters, unless one is a chao or something. Or if its like Zatch and Steff.

And help me decide want song to use. It's going to look like the opening for a show. So far I want to use SuperStar by Lupe fiasco. If you want to make a suggestion, private message me.

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